6 Most Incredible Calendar Apps to Make Your Life Simpler to Plan

We are not sure if any task of ours would be accomplished if there was no planning for the same. We mean to say, planning is something we all do for the smallest of things in our lives. Right from when to wake up in the morning, to what to eat, how to spend the day, and when to sleep; planning is something we all do even unintentionally at times.

And then when we talk about memory power; tell us honestly, how many of you have found it difficult to remember birthdays of your special ones, forget about ‘planning’ something for them? We have all been there! Well, life in the UK is busy and hectic, right? But thanks to technology, now we have smartphones on which we can download incredible calendar apps that save us from the ‘responsibility’ of remembering every date, and helps to plan future events on those important days! Now sit back and relax and plan a cheap and inexpensive travel, or a date at your favorite restaurant by using discount vouchers from Dealvoucherz.com to get extraordinary offers and deals that’ll add to your saving, while letting your calendar apps remind you about the same!

Let us have a look at the 6 most useful calendar apps, which you can have access to at any time and from anywhere. Sometimes for promotion purpose, there’s sale on some of the following apps which need to be purchased. Keep a watch!


  1. Google Calendar

If you have been using the Google Calendar on your desktop, you will discover that the design and layout of this app are similar on your phone too! If you need nothing but solid information, this is the app that you need! You have the option to sync more than one Google calendar, each with a colour you prefer, and you can select any date and time to add details on the same. Check your to-dos every day, and set reminders for future events with complete ease


  1. Sunrise

Do you want an app that looks clean with minimal design? Then, this is the one you should download right away! The app gives you the main view of the upcoming events in the following week, where the monthly view is minimized at the cap. If you switch to the weekly view, you will be shown coloured chunks of events in groups of 3 days at once. The app also assigns icons based on the keywords you type for your events. For example, for your ‘yoga’ sessions, a ‘dumbbell’ appears, while for your ‘classes’ an ‘academic cap’ shows up


  1. SolCalendar

Apart from having the stereotypical calendar apps’ features like an agenda or monthly view, this app has a little extra to offer. Guess what? Now you can put on the weather reports option to check what the present temperature and weather conditions in the following week will be like. You can also download exciting sticker packs to add them to your upcoming events. You can sync with all your Google tasks with this app and create new tasks and to-dos as well. To copy, edit, move, or delete a task/event, simply long press it and choose the desired option.


  1. Tiny Calendar

Having a spontaneous design, this app is more reliable and user-friendly for Apple devices. Use it without an internet connection, ‘because it will sync all your updated details and changes with your Google account, whenever you go online the next time. The calendar offers not just one or two- but 8 standard views. Now get reminded via SMS, push notifications or emails to never forget any future event.


  1. aCalendar

Look at your entire scheduled events on just one screen with this exciting app! Having an option of a hybrid day and weekly view, it also consists of an agenda widget. You can simply double tap to change the view though! Using your QR code, you can share contacts and events with your friends or colleagues (upgrade your app for this)


  1. SmartDay

An app that apart from having a useful calendar serves as a project manager too! With this, now you can add events, notes and tasks and share them with your friends and contacts, where all of you can freely comment on any specified event or task. There is an option of the delegation of tasks amidst team members as well, and you have the power to set varied permissions for every event and task. The best feature of the app is the ‘automatic task scheduling’. While SmartDay is chargeable, trust us, it is totally worth it!


Download any, or all of these apps to make your life simpler to plan. It will only make things easier. Thanks for reading.


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